in what ways you can stop drinking

In the modern world, the use of alcohol is quite acceptable and is consumed by almost the entire adult population. There are also frequent cases when alcohol is available to children, the lack of age restrictions for the sale of alcoholic beverages leads to the emergence of child and adolescent alcoholism. This fact is not only frightening, but also threatens the future of mankind. The harm of alcohol is known to everyone, apart from the damage done to health, it harms thousands of lives: broken families, abandoned sick children, a huge number of traffic accidents. At the same time, advertising is increasingly inviting you to try a new variety of vodka, a new taste of wine and more. Many new companies that produce alcohol have been created and this process is irreversible. Yes, the availability of alcohol increases the number of people who are addicted to alcohol, but above all the decision is made by the person himself. Only a person can decide whether to drink or not to drink. In fact, despite advertising and the possibility of buying alcohol, everyone should understand that the habit of drinking alcohol on a holiday should not turn into a disease.

Effects of alcohol on the body

It does not take time for a person to become addicted to alcohol. After all, it all depends on the physiological characteristics of each individual. These features include: hereditary predisposition, gender, and age of the person drinking. Women and children get used to alcohol much faster than men.

Regular use of alcohol will start physiological and emotional changes in the human body. They testify to the presence of alcohol dependence.

Alcohol is very dangerous because it has a detrimental effect on the psyche, the person stops noticing the changes that occur in it, which leads to degradation.

What happens when alcohol enters the body? Ethanol, which is a part of most alcoholic beverages, enters the blood from the gastrointestinal tract, and the blood transmits it through the cells of all organs, including brain cells. The interaction of ethanol with nerve cells causes their suppression, which further causes the relaxation of the whole organism. At the same time, the pain is numb, the person becomes more relaxed, unrestrained, the problems seem less important, there is a feeling of euphoria. Because of this effect a person drinks. Then alcohol is excreted from the body, turning into decomposition products. Some of them are very poisonous and cause a hangover.

how can you stop drinking alcohol

With regular use of alcohol, physiological processes in the brain slow down, nerve cell membranes are destroyed, blood vessels become very fragile, which further causes bleeding in the brain. If this process is not stopped, then entire parts of the cerebral cortex will begin to die. The result will be the appearance of cruelty, indifference, selfishness, laziness, unwillingness to take responsibility for their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

As a result, families break up, people are fired, and money for alcohol begins to be collected in all possible ways, from begging to crime.

Intoxication quickly destroys other organs as well. The cardiovascular system, liver and pancreas suffer first. Even a young and healthy person can suddenly turn into an old man with no purpose in life, and even into a person with a disability. Every person should be aware of what reality can await them and how dangerous alcohol in large quantities is. Even expensive elite wines can harm the body if consumed regularly.

When to give up alcohol

If a person can’t imagine a weekend without vodka or beer, and wakes up in the morning, doesn’t remember what happened yesterday, then the day has come when it’s time to think about future life. It is not so difficult to stop drinking during this period of life. Of course, some people stop drinking every Monday when they suffer from a hangover. The bad news is that the decision to completely give up alcohol comes only when there is a deterioration in health. At the same time, the person begins to feel the need to stop drinking gradually, that the company will not understand the behavior and will simply refuse to communicate with him. However, you must abruptly stop drinking! It has to be done in one day and there is no going back. Gradually none of this will happen, you still have to go back to drinking, only it will be much harder to get back to normal.

But to stop drinking alcohol, there must be a very good reason. Motivation will help you not to come back to it even in your thoughts. Some may stop drinking, fearing possible serious illness, while others may be afraid of being fired. Refusing to drink should be supported by positive emotions, because there may be a moment when the desire for a feeling of euphoria overcomes the feeling of fear. During this period of life, a person needs the support and help of relatives. Their love will help them cope with addiction. In addition, a new stimulus should appear in a person’s life. After all, if a person is drinking in cheerful company, then he will have to refuse to communicate with those people. Accordingly, it can be very painful for the psyche. Therefore, it is necessary to find a replacement and a new meaning of life. These can be sports, new interesting activity, new acquaintances, communication with like-minded people who have also overcome alcohol addiction. Being in front of a TV or computer will not have that effect. To lead a healthy lifestyle, you have to do something, be passionate about something. It doesn’t matter when it will be: winter or summer. If a person has made a decision, he must abide by it, not paying attention to laziness and possible excuses of companions.

What happens if you stop drinking

how to stop drinking alcohol

People who stop drinking are often not afraid of the fact of alcohol withdrawal, but the consequences. But you should not be afraid of that, you must learn to overcome such fears. Many people who drink do not even think about the harm that comes from alcohol abuse. Many people think that it is easier to just drink and not think about tomorrow. Sharp rejection of alcohol will not deprive you of the meaning of life, but will, on the contrary, improve it. If a drinker is afraid of the consequences of treatment, he should be motivated and encouraged to communicate with a narcologist. There are now a huge number of techniques that allow you to get rid of addiction without much difficulty and harm to health. For example, you can code a person. Turning to experts, it is very important to understand that you first of all need a sincere desire to get rid of alcohol addiction forever. The consequences of abruptly avoiding alcohol may not occur. It depends on the stage of the addiction of the person who wants to eradicate this problem.

Quitting alcohol is a very thoughtful decision. The main thing is to understand this, without waiting for irreversible processes in the body and the destruction of mental activity. If a person has been in a rush for a long time, then his recovery will require a lot of effort and consult a specialist. If he stopped in time, then the whole world with all its possibilities will be open to him. Stopping drinking does not mean stopping enjoying life, but on the contrary, it means finding true joy and fullness of life.