How do not to drink alcohol?

To learn how to live without alcohol, you should understand that life without alcohol is beautiful, interesting and amazing, and also learn to say "No!" This will help youth to avoid becoming a victim of alcoholism and drinking is a good answer to the question, how not to drink at all alcohol. If in the first case to abstain from alcohol would not be a problem, that depends on alcohol to understand how to give up alcohol, have to go through and understand a lot.

how not to drink alcohol

The importance of education

Can a grown man give up alcohol, which largely depends on education. And here a very important position of the parents. The probability that the man will not drink, if at the time he was able to explain in child language what alcohol actually drink only weak people, unable to abandon the use of harmful substances. And answer Yes to the question: "If the uncle drinks, he's sick?".

Accordingly, parents should be an example to your child: the word should not disperse from business, and therefore in the presence of a child should not drink at all, or do so minimally. In the future it will allow him, being in company, abstain from alcohol or to comply with the rules. Or not he will quit drinking, which largely depends on attitudes that have been imparted to parents.

If the baby often present at the feasts, when drinking all the relatives, mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, nothing bad to drink alcohol he would not see. So when peers invite him to drink beer or vodka to get to know new sensations and relax, you are unlikely to refuse. If he likes alcohol or teenager will continue to succumb to the persuasion of peers, the probability of early development of alcoholism. And any disciplinary measures on the part of parents to explain to the child how to drink alcohol, be ineffective: too bad example they filed in time.

It is also very important to teach the child to say "No!" And this applies not only to alcohol, but also Smoking, drugs. This science is very useful in the future: the world is full of temptations, and will only be a plus, if you teach a teenager to fight against what can hurt him. And should be taught not in adolescence, when the teenager came home drunk, and before school age to the idea that alcohol, Smoking, drugs – the evil was firmly entrenched in his head.

What to do dependent on alcohol?

But what if the person has already fallen in psychological and psychological dependence on alcohol and wants to get rid of it? And avoiding alcohol is really his heart's desire, instead of seeking deliverance from addiction, made under duress. As experience has shown, forced deliverance from alcohol usually gives very short-term result.

The best way to learn to live without alcohol will contact the psychiatrist, psychologist and take courses of rehabilitation. Psychiatrist needed to rid the body of physical dependence, detoxify, restore work damaged by ethanol in liver cells, brain, kidney, cardiovascular, nervous, and other affected systems.

If necessary will carry out coding (psychological or using medications). This will cause the dependent disgust about the mere thought of alcohol, and will refrain from drinking. However, there is one point: if a person slips and drink, all the settings will fly, and he himself would be very, very bad. In this case, you need to urgently run to the doctor to unlock.

With the lock need to be very careful. Do not trust traditional healers, witch doctors and similar "experts". Coding should be a doctor who has a diploma from a reputable University and relevant specialization. Otherwise, success can not be achieved, and the money will be wasted.

How to learn to say "No!"

A psychologist, and rehabilitation of alcoholics will help you understand why people drink, deal with it and find motivation to live without alcohol. It can be:

  • A family that is on the verge of breakup because of alcohol abuse (according to statistics, alcohol is the main cause of divorces).
  • Children negatively react if the father drinks. For the benefit of the child's psyche will not go, and could lead to two results: the child, when grown up, will not drink at all or drink too much.
  • Health – unfortunately, sometimes a person begins to realize the consequences too late when the immune system is severely compromised: developed cirrhosis, found the risk of stroke, heart attack and other life-threatening diseases. So do not wait until the last to give up alcohol long before to live long.
  • Work – as you know, alcohol negatively affects mental and physical abilities. Therefore, the alcoholic risks losing a well-paying job, if it exists, deprives himself of the chance to find a good place and is doing everything to live in poverty.
  • To get rid of the need to steal alcohol dependence is often the cause of theft with purpose to get money for a bottle. For this reason, it can start to make things out of the house for sale. And at first lost most valuable items.
  • Machine – if a drinker has a car, he cannot drive because it is constantly in a state of intoxication.

The person who is dependent on alcohol, it is very important to understand so as not to break, he must give up alcohol for the rest of his life. Dependence is only hiding and will be back, if a person violates a taboo, want to relax or forget problems with alcohol even after a few years.

Therefore, at first, until the person dependent on alcohol, do not learn to speak alcohol firm: "No!" drinkers should be avoided. Very important in this and the role of friends and relatives that if you do care about people, must in his presence to give up alcohol and learn to celebrate, to have fun and relax way. He is also going to benefit.

If it so happened that people came to the party where everybody is drinking alcohol and he offered to resist and find the strength to give up drinking alcohol in the company can remember everything feels the body the morning after drinking. Memories of headaches, dizziness, vomiting, nausea and even convulsions and hallucinations can help to resist in a difficult situation.

This should be done, if a person got a serious problem. Remember: alcohol though, and is able to push her into the background, to be able. So deal with it sober.

Relationships with others

If we talk about what sobriety is, the so-called continuous abstinence from drinking alcohol, regardless of the environmental company. Some say sobriety is moderation in consuming alcoholic beverages, but that's a relative term, because to comply with the rules can only person who doesn't drink at all, but sometimes it can taste. Therefore, the alcohol-dependent person needs to come from the first definition.

One of the highlights of rehabilitation, to show people the benefits of life without alcohol and learn to live without alcohol. Dependent needs to understand that if a person does not drink, he has nothing to lose, except headaches and a terrible mood. But gets a lot: house, good relations with others, a new, interesting company, the opportunity to see the world in new colors.

Do not be afraid of sidelong glances of friends who are persuaded to abandon the new position, claiming that one hundred grams is the norm, which helps to relax and nothing bad will happen. This is a test of strength: if you are a valuable person, he will accept your decision and unconditionally agree that the way to live better. But if he doesn't care about you, then it becomes relevant is another question: and whether such a company? And this applies also to those situations where it is necessary to sign a contract, or during communication with the authorities. Do not drink out of fear to disrupt the deal or lose their jobs.

Alternative to alcohol

An alternative may be different. For the first time live can be even boring, because the man is not immediately clear how to relax without alcohol. And from this boredom and need to get rid of in order to understand how good life is without alcohol. It is therefore very important to find something for everyone. For example, sports.

It can be gym, running, swimming, soccer, badminton, etc. Useful in sports games where there is the spirit of competition. The benefits of active exercises is obvious: they help relieve stress, improve mood, allow to forget about the need to drink. If the person is not accustomed to active employment, at once reboot is not necessary, it is necessary to comply with the rules. Again it is better to start with the charging, and only then move on to more active exercises.

It so happens that some athletes after a workout in the gym or other sports going to companies and are going to drink. To do it categorically it is impossible, therefore it is necessary to say goodbye with everyone else in the locker room. Alcohol after strenuous exercise can not be used at all, and especially when a person is trying to find an alternative to alcohol.

In addition to sports teetotal people can focus on work or study. You can also travel to other cities, or go Hiking in the mountains. Able to relieve the boredom of the trips to the theater, movies, sporting events. Such ways of spending time definitely allow you to live much more interesting than chatting over a bottle of vodka.

Also people may be surprised to find that it is possible to have fun, to celebrate birthdays, other holidays without alcohol. To do this, during the celebration you can invent different games, contests, quiz, chess, checkers, theater. If the evening in a small circle and simply want to communicate, it is also possible to organize.

Thus, if done correctly, carefully consider their actions, the situation, how it is possible to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages, to learn how to relax, you can live without alcohol, without experiencing any difficulties and discomfort. Advantage of life is that the person ceases to be a dependent, has no health problems and does not injure morally near and dear people.

In the struggle with alcohol is also very important to find the inner core, which will stand when the world seems to be crashing around us. This will help to remain a person... And all will be well!