Alcoholism is a physical and psychological addiction, characterized by memory impairment, behavioral problems, pathologies of internal organs resulting from the systematic use of alcohol. Therefore, many people are interested in how to stop drinking alcohol on their own. In such a situation, you will have to completely change your lifestyle.

Reasons for addiction

Before you stop drinking on your own, you need to determine the causes of the bad habit. The main factors include the following:

Alcohol addiction
  1. Psychological factors. The cause of alcoholism can be difficulties in adapting to life circumstances, weakness of will, lack of self-confidence. The cause of the problem is often a tendency towards depressive states and personal problems.
  2. Social factors. The negative impact of advertising, national traditions, family habits, lack of a good job can make a person abuse alcohol.
  3. Difficulties at work or personal life. In such a situation, the person tries to cope with stress with the help of alcohol.
  4. Physiological factors or hereditary tendencies.

Biochemical processes can create problems. Not everyone is addicted to alcohol. They are more susceptible to people who have mental disorders or traumatic brain damage. Sometimes the problem is caused by a genetic predisposition.

In order to treat alcoholism at home as effectively as possible, the patient must be aware of the problem. Without the patient's desire, no technique will give the desired results.

Alarm symptoms

Evidence that a person has developed an alcohol addiction is the following alarming symptoms:

  • Gradual increase in the number of holidays celebrated with alcohol. If a person used to wait for a birthday or New Year, now he is especially looking for a reason to drink alcohol.
  • Change social circle. If a person has previously chosen friends based on common interests, with the onset of alcohol addiction he is looking for friends to drink.
  • Complicating negative characteristics. Alcoholics have problems communicating with colleagues, friends, relatives. Such people often become nervous, aggressive and irritable. The mood improves only after drinking alcohol.
  • Loss of control over the amount of alcohol. If it used to be easy for a man to stop, now there are difficulties with that.
  • Health disorders. Excessive alcohol consumption leads to very sad consequences. The person has pain in the right side, sleep disorders, erection problems, trembling hands.

Popular myths about alcohol

To stop drinking at home, you need to recognize the addiction. However, many people ignore the presence of the problem.

There are several common myths about alcoholic beverages:

  • The desire to drink is always justified by the presence of some kind of rest. However, you can celebrate it without alcohol.
  • Many people believe that alcohol can help relieve shyness. However, this is just self-hypnosis. The psychological barrier can only be removed for a short period of time. This is followed by a phase of inappropriate behavior that can cause shame.
  • Some people believe that drinking can help them cope with stress or solve personal problems. This is also nothing more than a myth.
  • Alcoholism often begins with daily consumption of 50 g of alcohol. Today, however, doctors are questioning even the benefits of red wine. Daily intake of alcohol in the body causes irreversible effects on the brain and liver.
  • Many alcoholics drink because they are helpless, because they believe there is nothing they can do about it. This is another common misconception.

The key to successful therapy

How to stop drinking alcohol at home? It is a difficult task, but it can be done. To do this, certain conditions must be met:

  1. Preparing to find an easy way to deal with addiction is almost impossible. It is impossible to independently eliminate complex forms of alcoholism by developing physiological pathologies and mental disorders.
  2. It is necessary to understand the need to fight addiction. If this is not done, all treatments will fail.
  3. Be patient and ask for the support of loved ones. The main task of others should be to maximize the protection of the person from situations that may cause malfunctions. If a person does not have the strength of will, it is necessary to constantly monitor his behavior and monitor his social circle.
Termination of communication with the person who drinks

Helpful Hints

To answer the question of how to get rid of alcohol addiction yourself, you must follow these recommendations:

  • Stop interacting with people who are addicted to alcohol. You should not visit drinking companies. It is important to learn to say no in such situations. In reality, it is not very difficult.
  • Get enough rest. Healthy sleep is the key to excellent health and excellent work ability. In such a situation, a person gets much less tired, and therefore does not have an obsessive desire to drink.
  • Do sports. To deal with addiction, you need to find another source of satisfaction. The hormone of happiness is created during exercise.
  • Find ways to deal with stress. Alcohol problems often occur in people who suffer from chronic fatigue and try to calm their nerves with alcohol. To deal with addiction, you need to find a source of pleasure - for that you can be like massage, yoga or boxing.

Addiction Treatment

If a person has decided to get rid of addiction, but does not have enough willpower, he must resort to additional means.They cause aversion to alcohol and help restore the work of internal organs that suffer from the toxic effects of alcohol.

All methods of treatment for alcohol dependence fall into two broad categories:

  1. Folk recipes - you can use them yourself. Such medications help to cope with the craving for alcohol without the help of a doctor.
  2. Conservative therapy - is carried out in the more serious stages of the disease. Medications should be used under the supervision of a specialist.

Drug Therapy

Treating alcoholism with home remedies should be complex and address the following issues:

Drug therapy
  1. Elimination of alcohol dependence. Special tablets are used for this. They contain substances that alter the body's response to alcohol.
  2. A means of relieving withdrawal symptoms.
  3. Medications to eliminate mental disorders that occur in the background of alcoholism.
  4. Ethanol neutralizing agents that deal with the negative effects of the substance on the body.

It is quite problematic to choose such tools yourself. This should be done by a qualified doctor.

Drugs to relieve alcohol cravings

Home alcohol pills help change the body's response to ethanol. Such drugs can lead to complete intolerance to alcohol or to the elimination of the state of euphoria when drinking alcohol.

Products based on substances that prevent the enjoyment of alcohol intoxication have a milder effect. Even if a person continues to drink, there is no state of euphoria.

This results in less cravings for alcohol. However, the use of such a substance gives results only if a person wants to give up addiction.

They can be taken at home, but must be prescribed by an experienced healthcare professional. These drugs have many contraindications. These include the acute form of hepatitis, the presence of withdrawal symptoms, and liver failure.

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to combine such drugs with any opiate. This combination is fraught with respiratory arrest. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use drugs from this category without the knowledge of the patient.

Drugs for the development of alcohol intolerance

The main active ingredient of such drugs is the main component of many injections used to code from alcohol.

Such agents cause complete intolerance to alcoholic beverages.Even a small amount of alcohol causes serious symptoms of intoxication - nausea, dizziness, vomiting. If a person drinks 50 g of a drink with a strength of 40 degrees, that amount can become fatal.

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to be treated with such means. They are used by specialists in hospital settings. The patient must be informed of the possible consequences of alcohol consumption. An alcohol test is also performed. To do this, the person is given a microscopic dose of alcohol so that they can be convinced of the consequences it will cause.

In addition, physicians must necessarily assess the patient's health. Any such tool has many limitations. These include liver failure, diabetes mellitus and seizures. Such agents should not be used during pregnancy and lactation.


In addition to the basic means, the following drugs for alcoholism are used at home:

  1. Metabotropic drugs. They help speed up metabolic processes and reduce the degree of intoxication. One of the effective drugs is a drug that significantly reduces the duration and intensity of the effects of alcohol on the body. The only limitation of its use are allergies.
  2. Psychotropic substances. These drugs affect the nervous system and reduce the craving for alcohol. Doctors usually prescribe tranquilizers. In addition, antidepressants can be used. However, such funds cause a lot of side effects, so they are chosen exclusively by the doctor.
  3. Vitamins and medicines to fight accompanying disorders. Appropriate medications are needed for heart or liver pathologies.

Thanks to complex therapy, it is possible to speed up the healing process and quickly deal with alcohol dependence.

Folk remedies

Elimination of alcoholic beverages at home can be done with folk remedies. However, such prescriptions do not always work well with medications and can cause serious side effects. It is strictly forbidden to treat alcoholism in pregnant and breastfeeding women in this way. Before using any product, you should consult your doctor.

The most powerful substances include the following:

  1. Thyme. This herb has a calming effect, has a diuretic and analgesic effect, removes headaches and discomfort in the liver. The composition contains essential oils, so the agent is used in infusions in small quantities. If you increase the amount and drink alcohol after half an hour, the reflex gag will work. To eliminate addiction, it is enough to perform the procedure several times. However, the method gives results only in the initial stages of pathology.
  2. Pet. It is recommended to use a maximum of 1 tablespoon of decoction of this plant daily. The product can be added to food. After drinking alcohol, it causes a gag reflex. To obtain a useful tincture, the leaves of the plant should be infused with vodka for 2 weeks. You can also add bay leaves to the composition.
  3. Bay leaf. The roots and leaves of this plant must be infused with vodka. It is also worth adding peeled seeds there. However, it should be borne in mind that a large amount of the drug causes bleeding and inflammation.
  4. Puppeteer. Another effective treatment for addiction. However, it is forbidden to mix or drink with vodka. Time should pass after drinking the infusion. This plant has a general toxic effect that lasts for several hours or days.
  5. Pumpkin seeds. To deal with addiction, you need to take a glass of raw materials, add vodka and leave for 2 weeks. You need to drink the finished tincture. As a result, abnormalities in the work of the stomach and vomiting will occur. The craving for alcohol will go away.

Now you know how to cure alcoholism at home. You can use medicines and folk recipes for this. However, the basis for successful therapy is the patient’s desire to cope with the addiction.